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Daintree.VC was started by Nick Day, a founding partner in Velocity Black, acquired by Capital One in 2023.

Tenacity and hustle

Daintree.VC is a venture capital fund, supporting founders who do not back down.

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Driving automation and inclusion across industries

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Why should we accept your funding?

Ask one of our portfolio founders! We try to be the most active, helpful and responsive investor on your cap table. We are always there for you.

At what stage do you invest?

We focus on pre-seed and seed stage investing. Time to time, we invest into later stage rounds through convertible notes or secondaries.

Do you have an industry or sector focus?

Our portfolio centres around financial inclusion, wellbeing and enterprise automation.

When is the right time to approach you about investing?

It is never too early to get in touch. We have invested in companies with nothing more than a PowerPoint.

How many investments do you make?

We invest in ~10 businesses a year.

Do you invest in B2B companies?

Yes, we love B2B.

What countries do you invest in?

We invest across Europe, the U.S., and Latin America.

What are your investment criteria?

Our focus lies in your spiritedness, thoughtfulness, vision, and tenacity, not simply your CV. Of course, we also look at factors such as unit economics, market size, and competitor landscape of your business.

How long does your investment process take?

We are fast movers. It takes between 1 and 4 weeks from pitch to signed documentation.

Do you lead rounds?

Normally we do not lead investment rounds ourselves.

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