Sestry Peremohy

Daintree.VC is an early-stage startup investor that has successfully exited over 40 startups since 2014 (one of them being SpaceX), achieving an exit rate of 74%, placing it in the top 5% of the venture capital industry.

Investing at the early stages


Providing one of the first checks as early as the idea stage. Being involved with hiring the right team, launching initial product, and raising first institutional funds.


Investing into seed-stage companies and super-powering them through our network and expertise, helping achieve the best result for the Series A.


Time to time, we invest at later stages through either convertible notes or secondary share purchases.

We back you all the way


Helping source Engineering, Graphic Design, UX, Data Analytics, Finance, Operations talent. We also have trusted relationships with some of the leading technology recruiters.


Connecting to our black book of leading branding agencies, design teams and industry veterans in order to help you ideate and iterate on your product strategy.


Auditing financial models and investor presentations, advising on roadshows. Connecting to other VCs, strategic angels, and family offices.


Helping scale through key strategic partnerships and connections to leading growth agencies and advisors.

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